jd wylie

sensational cabinet  

insideOUTSIDE   September 2016 festival for MA interdisciplinary arts: social sculpture    www.insideoutsidebrookes.com  


Developed from the background of Rudolph Steiner's lectures concerning twelve human senses, the cabinet offers an opportunity for an individual to explore the contents by themselves, but also provides  a chance for conversation, sharing experiences prompted by the contents and the filing.  


During the festival, drawers were opened enabling group discussions at the Bookhouse, Summertown and the community garden Barracks Lane., in addition to the planned openings during the festival on site at FusionArts , there were many impromptu  encounters and conversations over an opened drawer.

I felt great privedge and honour to be sharing so many peoples' stories.  



This project grew out of awareness of isolation. Not restricted by age or location,  a growing number of people are isolated, without meaningful contact with others. My suggestion is that building on our own strengths and a bettter self awareness through our innate senses might give everyone a resilience to seek out others before  loneliness might overwhelm