jd wylie

Garden Project

While thinking about a call for local gardens to open up for public visits I was wondering about  an alternative way to access plants and their places  and the stories linking place and plant.


A new form of OPEN GARDEN.  



Many folk songs and nursery rhymes reference flowers, and delving into the history of some of those songs can reveal very dark or bawdy origins.

Ideal for an afternoon visit.


As in a garden the early seedlings will need nuturing  

For summer 2013, I installed speakers in the front garden and the voices from under the lavender discussed alternative afternoon delights and distractions.  







Under sounds  sadly there is silence  

it seems I cannot upload sound files yet





Lavender open garden 4 tracksagain used in garden Lavender crop Lavender IMG_3887

From within the lavender an enticement to dally a while


                                        Summer 2013