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CAR ART PARK   18 October 2014  Oxford  conceived and actioned over several sites with artists using their cars as small exhibition areas - instalations  sound work books  performance and sculpture to encouter in and around the cars.

Exploration of car parking places and commuting  on a single day in West Oxford.  


Acknowledgement of the support and appreaciation to those offering sites  Oxford Wine Company , St Frideswide Church  OVADA  and the helpers and artists on the day and in the lead up .  


The background to the project continues with me as an occasional blog on



I am eager to develop this project with other partners - this has great potential  taking contemporary art on tour.  

email me   car.artpark@gmail.com    






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  • Degree show project  Teresa Goode  - time management system  website  

      http://www.teresagoode.moonfruit.com  sadly this website is now deleted. It was time to

wish Teresa farewell, although her message  of taking time, learning to breathe and to stand back from 'busy ness' will continue.      

  • Blurb books



       on Blurb site for the set of Commute books  - Car, Walk and Bus  

                                         also  Teresa Goode's time management series  

       ebook for safe as houses  in trial  .. just can't quite get the images and sound to quite balance        


      Everyonesanartist     website   participative events   ( now deleted - event website only )    

       2016 - fab arts 'sololive'  Bath  June 2016 in the Library and Kingsmead Square