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February 2014

I have not managed to get into the practice of returning here to add in items .. although I do have a collection of pictures  to build in at some point .


And some sounds, but I think I have lost all the earlier sound links when this site was  reformatted into the latest version to work on tablets and the like.   Repairs required



Recent visit to London took an unexpected turn, I abandonned the original plan and had a very enjoyable day.  All the better perhaps because there were no plans. Breakfast in St Pauls Catherdral crypt cafe then  dropped into the sound / light  exhibit at the Barbican. Atmospheric events, both.  


St Pauls Church Yard still has roses in bloom. I am often out spotting the remaining flower that persists on a plant out of season after the leaves have shed, roses especailly, and here I found a wayward rose. Our winter has been very mild so it is not so surprising to find one .. but this flower had also escaped pruning. The flower bobbed around in the last of the gusts following the recent storms, a thorny wisp with a mop of pale yellow,      Picture to follow.. if/ when I can increase the storage possibilities.        



long gap .. commute notes  carpark pictures  treasures collected on the wordpress site  www.carartpark.wordpress.com  


March 2017