jd wylie

A Sense of Place 


Exhibition Town Hall Gallery Oxford  April 2013


Collaborating with Janey Carline - from the everyone's an artist  group to bring this multi faceted exhibition to the Town Hall was a massive achievement . Involving local musicians, visual artists, after school clubs, mental health drop in centres, performance artists   ansd so many more  getting involved. Together this was a place offering music, games  and  fun and also quiet restorative times for  public interaction for all ages.


Janey and i were greatly appreciative of the support from all in helping and  joining in  the attedning  




This exhibition, with the planning and personal projects, was a main focus for me for considerable time leading up to the opening .  

Illustrated below is my photgraphic work responding to the place just outside my back door, and exhibited as part of this multifaceted exhibition    

 A step to the immeasurable outdoors   (digital images overprinted )  

bus crop IMG_9616

I'm on the bus!  .  A mapping collaboration


My other project for the exhbition was a collaborative work over the four Thursday afternoons of the exhibition. While I was around in Oxford, on a bus, visitors in the gallery were encouraged to call me up.  

I would reply and describe what I could see from the bus  -

visitors/collaborators were then asked to note, sketch record what I described.

These notes and drawings were collated on the day, at the exhibition by  our helper Jenny, to remap the city.  Intermingling bus routes and times with my reported whereabouts    


The project took me to areas of the city I had not visited before - so within this I had a sense of exploration,. yet connected to people on the phone.        


There is material to develop the outcomes further now after the event, beyond the intail mapping.


And I would love to have the chance to develop this form of inteeractive work again.